Did you know?


Quick Facts

  • Manta Rays are fish, not mammals.
  • They origin of the class of sharks (Elasmobranch)
  • Of the 560+ species of rays, there’s only 2 species of manta rays.
  • Giant manta rays = Oceanic manta rays (Mobula birostris) up to 7m wide and up to 2.000kg
  • Reef manta rays (Mobula alfredi) up to 4,5m wide and up to 700kg and 40 years lifespan

Body features

  • There are different colour patterns: 1. chevron = black/ dark grey back and a white belly / 2. black back and belly with light-coloured patterns
  • They also have distinct spot patterns on their bellies that can be used to identify individuals. Oceanic manta rays have their belly spots clustered around the lower abdomen below the gills.
  • The black belly is a rather unusual manta ray fact. Melanism or dark skin pigmentation is not likely to occur in marine animals. Manta rays are the only ones with this phenomenon.


  • Manta rays mainly feed on plankton and krill – they filter feed with their mouths open – the gill rakers filter the food and expel the water.
  • Manta rays have to eat roughly 13% of their body weight in plankton each week – to increase their feeding strategies, they somersault and change directions.

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Sound on πŸ”Š 

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World Manta Day πŸ’™

All over the world 🌍 , on September 17th, we celebrated World Manta Day. This special day is dedicated to manta and devil rays, which are facing multiple threats such as unsustainable tourism, entanglement, and climate change.

World Manta Day was established to increase awareness about these majestic marine animals. The goal is share comprehensive knowledge about manta rays, their kin, and the habitats they occupy. 

Mantas are majestic not just for their size, but also their complex biology and behavior. They are close relatives of sharks and rays, boasting a cartilaginous skeleton. 

Despite their imposing size – some stretching up to seven meters wingtip to wingtip – they feed primarily on microscopic zooplankton. 

Their bellies display a unique spot pattern, equivalent to our fingerprints, which can be used to identify individual rays. 
As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and through increased awareness, we can aspire to protect these magnificent creatures for future generations.

Sadly, their majestic presence hasn’t shielded them from threats. The giant manta ray’s reproduction rate is alarmingly low, with a single female producing an estimated 4-7 offspring throughout her lifetime. 

A burgeoning demand for their gill plates has resulted in targeted fishing. Given their low reproductive rate, recovery from overexploitation would be a long, challenging process. 

Reflecting this concern, the IUCN has classified the giant manta ray as endangered and its cousin, the reef manta ray, as vulnerable.

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Another day of magic just began πŸŒŠπŸ’™

Near  to our island 🏝️ this magic happens almost every day of the year πŸ™πŸΌ

We are blessed to be able to dive in both side of the atoll accordingly , so our manta season is endless .

Have you been diving with manta yet ? 

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Diving here is as close as you can get to Manta Ray in the wild without touching it and the best part is, they come right up to you.

These mantas have no problem flying right overhead when departing the cleaning station which make great photo ops. 
This is not an exceptional day diving with these mantas and this is the activity that you can expect during your dive trip, during mating season. 

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Do you want to know all about Manta Rays ? 

Where do find them ? In which time of the year ? 

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Falling in Love every day πŸ’™

It’s always the perfect day to fall in Love with Manta here in Raa Atoll . We’re blessed to have manta all year around & our long experienced instructors will bring you down , to the most spectacular show of your all life !

Did you know that female manta rays normally take 10-15 years to become sexually mature. The courtship process usually first takes place around this age. The start of the mating ritual is fittingly called 'manta train'. One female manta ray swims up front, followed by several male mantas.

Discover all about manta rays on our website’s dedicated page 

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Please follow your instructor advices to don’t touch them , scare them or interfere with their natural behaviors πŸ™πŸΌ 

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How deep is your love ? πŸ’™

I Guess  people know me, who I am because of my size, I am the second largest ray on this planet, I grow about 3-3.5meters on an average with a maximum size of 5.5meters wide.
We were found feeding on krill and plankton as you can see us with our open mouths filtering the water for food 🍱! 
We are Reef πŸͺΈ Manta ray

πŸ“Έ by @meermudabbir 
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  • Scientists speculation is that mainly male manta rays jump out of the water to attract the attention of the females – the bigger the male manta ray is and the more powerful it falls back into the water the movements of the ocean increases and it’s more likely a female notices it.
  • Their mating ritual is to perform a mating train, where several male ones follow one female manta, all of them trying to impress her and become her first choice to mate.
  • Pregnancy lasts for more than one year – usually only one pup at a time
  • Manta rays are ovoviviparous – they develop inside eggs and when the egg shell breaks open, the mama manta will eventually calve a new born (so they are fish but give birth like a mammal).

Miscellaneous facts

  • Mantas have the largest brain-to-body weight ratio of all fish (so yes, they are rather smart!)
  • Mantas can’t stop swimming in order to keep breathing – by moving, oxygen- rich water is pushed through their gills.
  • Mantas can feed and poop at the same time, a feature not attributed to many animals
  • Manta rays sometimes end up with clogged- up gills from filter- feeding. Thankfully, they’re able to dislodge trapped food through so- called β€œcoughing” or β€œvomiting”. That vomit turns out to be a treat for surrounding fish!
  • Manta rays have their own group of friends: Usually female mantas have two different groups of friends – one for cleaning, one for feeding (the feeding group is a mixture of male, female and young ones). Males prefer feeding stations, females are more likely to be found at cleaning stations


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