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Rep. of Maldives
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Waterproof Sports Pvt.Ltd.


Waterproof Sports Ltd is as a contents supplier after §8 a teleservice law for “own contents” which she holds ready to the use. Please, note that overtakes the information contained in this web page in spite of the biggest care with the arrangement incomplete, or can be wrong. Moreover, the contents can be shortened without previous announcement updated, enlarged, or be adapted otherwise or be changed. Hence, Waterproof Sports Ltd does not stick for damages which stand in connection with the use of these contents.


The links programmed in this web page can lead to the fact that you leave the Waterproof of sport Ltd. web page and reach the web pages of third. As a result we show as a precaution that Waterproof Sports Ltd on web pages of third has no influence, and that Waterproof Sports Ltd is not responsible for the contents of foreign web pages. The existence of links to web pages of third shows no recommendation for these sites, the enterprises pursuing them or their products. Also Waterproof Sports Ltd has no influence on whether third of her web pages furnish links to the Waterproof of sport Ltd. web page. Hence, the existence of such links is also no tip to a cooperation of third with Waterproof Sports Ltd or on a recommendation of Waterproof Sports Ltd for the third, his web page or his products.

Provided that within the Internet offer of Waterproof Sports Ltd the possibility for the input of personal or business data passes as for example e-mail addresses, names or addresses, the information of these data occurs on the part of the user on expressly voluntary base.
The claim and payment of all offered services is permitted – so far technically possibly and reasonably – also without information of such data or under information of anonymous data or a pseudonym. The use within the scope of the imprint or comparable information to published contact data like postal addresses, phone number and fax numbers as well as e-mail addresses by third / strangers for the sending of not expressly requested information is not permitted. Products.

Juridical steps against the senders of so-called Spam mails by offence against this ban are expressly left.

Provided that parts or single formulation of this text of the valid legal situation not, should correspond no more or not completely, the remaining parts of the document in her contents and her validity of it remain untouched.