Diving services on Fuvahmulah are operated by the dive center SHARK EXPEDITION. As we do not run our own dive center on Fuvahmulah, we have found a cooperation partner, Shark Expedition, who welcomes all DivePoint divers.

The ocean-going boat are fully equipped with security features including, radio, satellite phones, GPS, Compass, the Electronic Rescue and Locating System ENOS. Shark Expedition is the only diving center on Fuvahmulah providing this extra service free of charge. For us your safety matters, always !

LocationGnaviyani Atoll
Garanteed100% tiger sharks
Dive CenterShark Expedition

Dive with tiger sharks in the deep South

Do you want to dive with Tiger Sharks, guaranteed all year round? Well you have to come to Fuvahmulah!

Fuvahmulah and its underwater world is very unique and special were you can see big pelagic fish on (almost) every dive, mainly tiger sharks! It is the largest known population of tiger sharks in the world and the only known mating site of tiger sharks and thresher sharks. As well we have a good population of Grey reef sharks, Silvertips, Barracudas and some more big species the whole year around. Out of that you can find Wale sharks, Hammerheads, Mola Mola, Oceanic White tips and Oceanic Mantas.

What makes Fuvahmulah special? Its location. Alone in the Indian Ocean and not within an atoll, there are no nearby neigh-boring islands and no shallower areas; here the coast and the high seas meet directly. On one hand, this means that the weather conditions play an important role, because due to the exposed position of the island, the waves are not slowed down but hit the island directly. Nevertheless, we have many dive sites around the island and always one side is in the shadow of the monsoon, so we decide depending on the weather. This is also the reason why we use the electronic emergency call and locating system ENOS on every dive. Because of the strong currents and the remoteness it is even more important to guarantee the safety of our divers and to be able to initiate rescue measures quickly in case of emergency.


Come to Fuvahmulah 🦈🇲🇻 It’s just completely a different story 😉

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Far and away, the greatest threat to the ocean, and thus to ourselves, is ignorance. But we can do something about that.” Sylvia Earle..

Happy World Ocean’s Day 💙

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This week end we celebrated the World Reef Awareness Day ! 🪸

Tiger Sharks are so important in keeping reef healthy, they’re a natural member of the ecosystem system .

Here are 5 things we can do to make our reef more resilient and d give them a chance :
1-Opt for reef friendly sun protection . 2-plant an ocean friendly garden .
3-Look below before you throw .
4- mind your waste & sewage pollution .
5- make & advocate for climate conscious decisions .

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The dive center offers 3 dives per day:  The first dive is usually a blue water dive at the cleaning plateaux. Here the probability is highest that we can see manta rays, hammerheads and thresher sharks. In total we have 18 diving spots that we choose depending on the weather and experience of our guests e.g. at a steep wall where different species can pass by but rather turtles and a lot of fishes. The Tiger shark dive is either the second or third dive where you can observe this beautiful creatures.

Night dive are not possible due to safety reasons. Nitrox is not available.

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Need rental gear? The dive center is equipped with top quality rental gear.

– We provide DIN/INT tanks in the following sizes 12l & 15l
– Rent one of the top quality GoPro photo cameras


The dive center offers a daily pick-up service that will pick you up in the morning and bring you back to the guesthouse after the first two morning dives. If you do one further dive after lunch time, the team will take you to the harbor and back again.


The modern boat is equipped with the Electronic Rescue and Locating System ENOS, the safest equipment on the market to protect our divers from any possibility to get lost.  A big advantage, especially in remote areas like Fuvahmulah. Shark Expedition is the only diving center on Fuvahmulah providing this extra service.

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The dive center Shark Epedition offers you a unique opportunity to experience diving with tiger sharks in the Maldives. The dive guides are all born on Fuvahmulah and know the underwater world around Fuvahmulah and the local conditions very well. 

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Dive&Stay Packages - Book your stay with us

Make your dive holiday in the Maldives simple by booking one of our DIVE & STAY packages and enjoy special discounts on accommodation and diving. Our packages include accommodation, domestic flight from Malé to Fuvahmulah and back, up to three guided boat dives per day (incl. Tigershark dive), tax, service and breakfast. We cooperate with several guesthouses on the island to offer you these packages at a great value. After an exciting dive, you can relax at a local guesthouse and enjoy the paradisiacal beauty of the Maldives. From ocean view rooms to authentic and local gastronomic experiences, we offer everything you need for an unforgettable stay.

Lay back, relax, and simply have a good time.

Popular Packages on Fuvahmulah

Tiger shark Dive

10-Nights Tiger Shark Diving Adventure / Fuvahmulah

10 nights / 7 diving days

7-Nights Tiger Shark Diving Expedition / Fuvahmulah

7 nights / 5 diving days



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Diving with Tiger Sharks - What can you expect?

The tiger shark dive itself is at the harbor entrance and takes place at 10 meters. With little to no current it is a calm dive where we can observe these beautiful animals. As with every dive, you will receive a detailed briefing from our team, in which we explain the rules of conduct and how to deal with tiger sharks.

This unique experience allows you to dive side by side with these fascinating predators without a cage as a protective barrier. Fuvahmulah is known for its tiger shark population and offers the rare opportunity to observe these majestic creatures in their natural environment. It is an exciting and at the same time extraordinary experience, accompanied by experienced dive instructors.

The wild side of the Maldives


The island, close to the equator, differs in several ways from the “typical” Maldives island and thus offers even experienced Maldives vacationers new impressions: Relatively large with 4.94 km², there are several villages with the appropriate infrastructure, a park as a “green lung” and an airport. Here tourists are not separated from the population, you experience Maldivian everyday life.